Prof. Dr. Jessica Pehlke-Milde


Prof. Dr. Jessica Pehlke-Milde, has been a midwife and midwifery researcher for more than 30 years. After training as a midwife in 1987, she worked in all settings of maternity care with a special focus on care for vulnerable women and families. After her PhD in 2009, she was recruited by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and started working in the newly founded midwifery research unit. In 2011, she became a Professor and in 2014 head of the research unit. Since then Jessica Pehlke-Milde has built up a highly motivated and experienced research team and has applied successfully for grants in a highly competitive research environment. Jessica Pehlke-Milde is a partner in international research networks (e.g. COST Action IS1405 (BIRTH), German Society for Midwifery Research, Swiss Society for Early Childhood Research). Her academic achievements are recognised both nationally and internationally, e.g. by publications in peer reviewed journals or in conference presentations.


Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Phone direct: +41 58 935 64 66



Transition to parenthood

Social and health inequality, diversity

Decision-making  in complex situations

Experiences of women and partners