This COST Action 18211 is about YOU!

Research is not for researchers. Research is done to make people’s lives better. In this case, the COST Action 18211 aims to make the lives of mothers, babies, fathers and partners, and families better.

Because you and your experiences matter. Our research network is working hard to improve birth related trauma and improve your experiences around the birth of your baby.

The different working groups are looking into many areas, but maybe we are not looking at what matters to YOU most.

Please let us know what you think seems important around birth trauma and perinatal health. Use the subject “Families’ input” and write your ideas to: info@ca18211.eu


The families' group within the CA 18211: A place of our own

European lay advocacy associations informed the CA 18211 research network “Birth trauma and perinatal mental health” from the start.

At the moment, seven associations are constantly involved in the Action’s work. They collaborate in the Action’s research groups, organize themselves in their own working group, and serve as a link between the researchers and the local communities. More European lay organizations support the work.

All are working around changing birth culture and maternity care for the better.

Associação Portuguesa pelos Direitos da Mulher na Gravidez e Parto (Portugal) Webpage (in Portuguese) 

Birth Forward (Cyprus) Webpage (in English)

Birth Trauma Association (UK) Webpage

El Parto Es Nuestro (Spain) Webpage (in Spanish)

Geboorte Beweging (The Netherlands) Webpage (in Dutch)

Mother Hood e.V. (Germany) Webpage (in German)

RODA – Parents’ in Action (Croatia) Webpage (in English)



Why research on perinatal mental health and birth trauma matters

In occasion of World Mental Health Day 2021, the members of Working Group 7 of this Cost Action 18211 have created a video. WG7 is “the parents’ group”: a group of non-researchers with a background in advocacy for maternity care equality.

Our video gives a voice to parents’* requests on what research around perinatal mental health and birth-related trauma should look at.

What questions does research need to answer?
Many of the requests our group collected from parents and people experienced in the service user side of maternity care are already being look at – which is great!

Other requests remain unmet – find out what they are with the “TOP5 Research Request List” at the end of the video.


*we use the asterisk as an attempt to inclusive language

Logo of Cost Action 18211 and film title Why research on perinatal mental health matters