26-28th June 2023 - Valletta, Malta

Prof Soo Downe - "Positive birth experiences for long-term benefit: right care, right time, right relationships”

Prof Kim Thomas - “How maternity care in the UK harms women - and how research helps us fight to improve it”

Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg - "Social support in connection with birth may improve the progress and experience of birth and decrease the risk of postpartum traumatic experiences by modification of oxytocin release and the function of the oxytocin receptor.

23-24th February 2023, Leuven, Belgium

Carlo Schuengel

Carlo Schuengel - 'Perinatal care for women with intellectual disability: How not to have birth trauma?'

Disabilities, and intellectual disability in particular, put women at risk for receiving substandard perinatal care, which may be traumatic in its consequences. Recently we found that women with intellectual disability are as likely if not more to present with pregnancy, but see these pregnancies end less often in live birth. This talk delves into the needs and reasonable adjustments for this group, and into the knowledge base on treatment for trauma and trauma-informed care. The implications of inclusive design for perinatal care and services are bound to extend beyond this important population and may be used to prevent birth trauma from occurring.

Prof Herman Nys

Prof Herman Nys - 'Service User Rights to Quality and Consent in Perinatal Care'

In this presentation I will focus on the rights of service users (‘patients’ rights’) in a national (Belgium, France, the Netherlands as examples) and a European Union context (rights of patients in cross-border care). The right to high quality care and the right to give informed consent, and the development towards a right to shared decision making, will in particular be dealt with.

22nd–24th June 2022, Akureyri, Iceland

Prof Dr med Sarah Kittel-Schneider - 'Risk Factors and Treatment of Perinatal Illness'

Dr Jodi Pawluski- 'Brain changes with perinatal mental illness'

3rd-4th March 2022, Zagreb, Croatia

Prof Susanne King - 'Prenatal maternal hardship and traumatic stress from population-level disasters and the effects on the unborn child: What happens to you may be more important than how you react to it'

Prof Sandra Nakic Rados - 'Peripartum depression: state-of-the-art and its association with birth experience'

29th September - 1st October 2021, Online

Amy Gibbs - 'Human rights in childbirth'

Hermine Hayes Klein - 'How to Make Human Rights a Reality in Maternal Healthcare'

Prof Dr Susan Garthus-Niegel - 'Perinatal mental health in the family context – current perspectives and future directions'

21st - 22nd June 2021, Online

Prof Danny Horesh - 'What lies beneath the silence: The post-traumatic implication of stillbirth'

Prof Julia Seng - 'Trauma and Childbearing: Mobilizing at Trauma-Informed Continuum of Care'

25th - 26th February 2021, Online

Dr Elizabeth Newnham - ‘Humanising childbirth: lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic’

25th - 26th November 2020, Online

Cheryl Beck

Prof Cheryl Beck - ‘Birth trauma: The ever widening ripple effect’