Annick Bogaerts 


Who I am and current role

Annick Bogaerts (female, born Apr 20, 1968)                             

Current position

  1. Assistant Professor at KU Leuven, (KUL) Department Development and Regeneration, research unit Women & Child (Belgium) (100%)
  2. Assistant Professor at University of Antwerp (UA), Master Nursing & Midwifery (Belgium) (10%)

Career and education

1989-2002          Midwife at Salvator Hospital, maternity and postnatal delivery Hasselt (Belgium)

1996-2018          Lecturer midwifery education and researcher at UC Leuven-Limburg (Belgium)


  1. Research expertise

Annick Bogaerts has been studying the evolution and influence of maternal obesity and gestational weight gain within large regional databases, performed randomized controlled trials and prospective cohort and follow-up studies in the field of obesity, pregnancy and the inter-pregnancy period. She is project leader of an ongoing multi-centric inter-pregnancy eHealth supported lifestyle intervention study (  in women with previous excessive gestational weight gain, in order to decrease maternal and neonatal complication rate. Concurrently, she is co-supervisor in on ongoing longitudinal cohort study about body weight, body composition and energy balanced related behaviour in the transition in parenthood (, and co-supervisor in the Melinda study, which aims to evaluate the efficacy and feasibility of a telephone and mobile-based lifestyle intervention in women with glucose intolerance after a recent history of gestational diabetes to promote a healthy lifestyle. Recently she is appointed as promotor for a project supported by the minister of Health about perinatal resilience. She is also working on the development of a web-based program to enhance perinatal resilience in the prevention of perinatal depressive feelings.


  1. Research grants/rewards/recognition/memberships

Research grants

2016 – 2020       Interact study, multicentre eHealth supported interpregnancy lifestyle coaching for a

healthy future, Promotor of Margriet Bijlholt, co-promotor of Stefanie Steegen (FWO, TBM, 995 000 €) – KUL, UA, UCLL (projectleader)

2018 – 2022       Transparents study, Body weight, body composition and energy balance related behaviour                              during the transition to parenthood, Promotor of Hannelore Van den Eynde, Co-promotor of                          Vicka Versèle (FWO , project, 372 450 €) – VUB – KUL

2018 – 2021       Resilience during pregnancy, concept and toolbox, Promotor of Sarah Van Haeken (PWO,                                external funding UCLL, 264 570 € ) –  University College Leuven-Limburg

2018 – 2020       EF41 Resilience during and after pregnancy up to 2 year, Promotor of Tinne Nuyts (SVWG,                              107 000 €)  – Flemish Government dep Welfare, Health & Family

2018 – 2020      Starting grant for assistant Professor, KU Leuven  (100 000 €), Maternal OBesity and outcomes in next generations, Impact of innovative lifestyle interventions to Catch maternal, paternal and childhood obesity:

  • OBI-track I : Perinatal Epidemiology
  • OBI-track II : Lifestyle Interventions
  • OBI-track III : Cohort & Follow-up studies


2019-2022         Promotion of a healthy lifestyle in women with a history of gestational diabetes, co-promotor                        of Caro Minschart (FWO SB Fellowship ) – KUL


Prices, national and international

  • Price for best midwifery poster presentation: Inter-act study, inter-pregnancy ehealth supported lifestyle interventions study, 4-6 february 2019, CARE4 International Scientific Nursing and Midwifery Congress, KU Leuven.
  • Royal Academy of Medicine Belgium, Price Dr. Luc Broeckaert 2017 for scientific research with focus on Prevention and Practice “Obesitas en zwangerschap: preventie van risico’s voor moeder en kind in de klinische praktijk”. Solemn public session Saturday, December 9, 2017 in the Palace of Academies in Brussels.
  • Price for best oral midwifery presentation : Interpregnancy weight retention and risk for adverse perinatal outcomes, an epidemiological study. Oral presentation at the 1st International Scientific Nursing and Midwifery Congress, CARE4 Antwerp University, 4-6 February 2015.
  • Pfizer award for an outstanding abstract : Weight loss in obese pregnant women and risk for adverse perinatal outcomes. Oral presentation at the Society for Gynecologic Investigation 61st Annual Scientific Meeting, Florence, Italy, March 26 – 29, 2014.
  • Award for best oral poster presentation about “Anxiety during early pregnancy predicts postpartum weight retention in obese mothers” from the scientific committee on Obesity in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Denmark – 24/10/2012.


Most relevant memberships:

  • Member of the i-WIP (International Weight Management in Pregnancy) Collaboration (
  • Member of a closed COST Management committee, BIRTH Project
  • Member of the Belgian Association for the Study of Obesity (BASO), in the Board of Directors of Study Centre for Perinatal Epidemiology (SPE) and Flemish Professional Organization of Midwives (VBOV).


University location:  KU Leuven, Herestraat 49, box 805, 3000 Leuven, Belgium.


Phone 0032 16 19 31 27, mobile 0032 479 58 98 75

Link to personal website or blog site/RSS feed/Research Gate profile:


Twitter handle: /

Research keywords (maximum 7/8): Maternal obesity, overweight, perinatal epidemiology, lifestyle interventions, perinatal mental wellbeing, resilience