Maria Athanasekou



My name is Maria Athanasekou, I am an art historian and a MC Member [CA18211 EL] to COST Action CA18211.

I completed a PhD in art history at the National Technical University, an MA in Renaissance Studies at the University of London, and a BA in Archaeology and History of Art at the National University of Athens. I am currently working on my post doc research on art and education.  I teach Art History at the Hellenic Open University and Frederich University, Cyprus, and in the past, among other institutions,  I tought at the National Technical University of Salonica, the University of the Aegean and the University of Western Macedonia, at public and private institutions, as well as at the National Technical University, the University of Athens etc. I have delivered papers in a number of international conferences which have been published and I have contributed chapters to books. Three of my books have been published as e-books and one as a printed book.


I have long researched the benefits of integrating art to therapy and I am happy to contribute to the research being done regarding Perinatal Mental Health and Birth-Related Trauma with a view to maximising best practice and optimal outcomes.


University location: Athens Greece


Phone: +306974930712

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Research keywords (maximum 7/8): Art, therapy, PTSD, Art therapy, healing, trauma