Hannah Elsche (M.A.)


  1. Birth Activist, Mother of three and Art therapist (with people around childbirth)
  2. Representative and advocate of the parental perspective
  3. Mother Hood e.V. (NGO)

Berlin / Germany


+ 49 (0) 160 300 839 9


twitter: @Verein_MH / @RuHannahEl1

Facebook: @motherhoodev

Instagram: @mother_hood_ev


Our aims:

Mother Hood e. V. – Federal Parents’ Initiative for the Protection of Mother and Child during Pregnancy, Childbirth and the First Year


Mother Hood e.V. is a registered national charity organization founded in 2015 to protect MotherBaby during pregnancy, birth and the first 1 year.


Mother Hood e.V. is advocating for safe maternity care: every woman needs to have access to a midwife during pregnancy, birth and the post-natal period (1:1 continuity model of care).


We ask for maternity services that serve the women in their own specific needs:

  • Women must be free to choose their preferred pre-natal care provider, whether it be a midwife or a gynaecologist or the choice of mixed pre-natal care.
  • Women must be free to choose where, with whom and how to birth their babies: at home, in a birth center, a midwife-led unit or a hospital at a reasonable distance.
  • Women must be able to have a midwife for the post-natal period.
  • All maternity care must be respectful.

All of these are theoretically covered by national laws, but the reality of women in Germany looks sadly different.