Early Caregiving and Epigenetics in Humans (Michael Meaney)

The video features Michael J. Meaney as he presented in Oct 27, 2014 Ricciuti Lecture titled How the early social environment influences the structure and function of the genome in the offspring.
Michael J. Meaney, CM, CQ, FRSC, is a professor at McGill University specializing in biological psychiatry, neurology, and neurosurgery. He is primarily known for his research on stress, maternal care, and gene expression and he is considered to be one of the key pioneers in the field. In this lecture, he shows how the experience of the child is “biologically embedded” and serves to influence health and capacity over the lifespan. As he says, our brain is directly regulated by our social environment. This is apparent in our DNA which is potentially stable determining the life quality of the child as (s)he grows up and becomes an adult.

You can download the ppt used by Michael Meaney in this lecture here

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Early Environmental Regulation of Gene Expression: How Early Experience Exerts a Sustained Influence on Neuronal Function, Prof. Meaney's slides

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Early Care-Giving

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Epigenetic Programming by Maternal Behavior in the Human Infant

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The Inheritance of Change

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