Trauma in Maternity Services and Health Professionals (Antje Horsch)

Health professionals find themselves in one of the most stressful work environments. Being constantly in a birth environment if they are maternity health professionals their own pre/perinatal trauma can be triggered with a similar experience taking place in the space. With stillbirths, NICU incidents and other stories of pain and loss, the unlealed primal trauma may surface, once aain, offering a new opportunity for it to be balanced or initiating a new cycle of deeper imprinting. According to the research (Sheen et al., 2013), indirect exposure to the traumatic events of recipients of care can sometimes elicit traumatic stress responses. Empathy and organisational stress are factors that hold specific salience within the midwifery profession. Responding to trauma in a midwifery context can adversely affect midwives’ wellbeing, care provided to women, and contribute to an adverse organisational climate. You can read the full paper below as a dowloadable document.

In the videolecture that follows, Prof Antje Horsche speaks about the traumatisation among Health professionals


An integrative review of the impact of indirect trauma exposure in health professionals and potential issues of salience for midwives

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Traumatization in Staff/ the slides

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