Transferring Science into Practice: Which Science? How to Identify Good Research Evidence (Antje Horsch)

Thousands of information come up every year, casting more and more light on how things can be better or make a difference. Professionals who wishh to offer the best possible service to the community as well as policy and decision makers are in front of a crucial question: How can they discern the best evidence or research that will proviide the information to best quality practice? Critical appraisal, defined by Duffy (2005) as “an objective, structured approach that results in a better understanding of a study’s strengths and weaknesses” is the process that allows Health professionals to identify evidence that comes from rigorous, reliable, unbiased, and methodologically appropriate research (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2015). This lesson is to provide some background understanding on the issue.

Which Science? The slides

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Critical Appraisal Tools

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Critical Appraisal Tools and Reporting Guidelines for Evidence-Based Practice

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